269 cops contract Covid-19

125 cops joined duty again
269 cops contract Covid-19

NASHIK: The police force in the city has suffered a blow. In the second phase, 269 police officials and personnel have been infected so far, while five succumbed to it. On the other, 125 officials and personnel recovered from Covid-19 and joined the duty again. The police force has been affected much during the second wave of Covid-19.

Four personnel and a single official working in the city police force succumbed to the virus. However, the infection among the police force is declining for the past few days. Currently, 119 police officials and personnel are undergoing treatment at Covid Care Centre or homes. The city police force witnessed Covid-19 spread in February. 99 police officials and personnel contracted the virus till April 4.

The Covid-19 was spread on large scale thereafter within 15 days. The number of infected personnel then reached 269. Two police personnel and a single official died due to Covid19 in the period between April 4 to May 15. In the second phase, 28 police officials and 241 police personnel got infected. Of them, 10 officials and 109 personnel are undergoing treatment.

As of May 9, 12 officials and 120 personnel were receiving the treatment. The number of infected in the police force has been declined for the first time since the last week, the concerned official made it clear. Police Covid Care Centre has been started at police headquarter to provide treatment in time to the police. City Commissioner of Police Deepak Pande also took an initiative and had ordered to keep beds reserved for police personnel.

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