26% water stock in district dams

1160 mm rainfall from June 1 to 16
26% water stock in district dams

NASHIK: Due to heavy rainfall last year, even though we have reached in the mid of June, the dams in the district have a satisfactory water storage at 26%. Last year, it was 30 per cent during this period. In the meantime, 1160 mm of rainfall was recorded from June 1 to 16 in the district of the June average rainfall of 2704.80 mm.

Like last year, this year, even if the arrival of monsoon is assumed to be delayed a little bit after some spells in May and at the beginning of June, there seems to be no shortage of water due to satisfactory water stock in reservoirs. The district has been receiving satisfactory rainfall for the last two years. In 2020, Girna dam, the largest dam in North Maharashtra, apart from the Gangapur and Darna medium capacity dams, were 100 per cent full for the second year in a row.

Other small and large dams were also flooded while discharge of water was continued from big dams. Therefore, even though the month of May dawned this year, the dams had satisfactory water reserves. Despite the rotation for agriculture and industry this summer, the dams still have a satisfactory water reserve. The Gangapur Dam, which quenches the thirst of Nashik city, has 39% water storage at present.

Last year it was 47 per cent, while the Gangapur Dam Complex has 27% water storage. Therefore, this year, Nashikites have not faced the crisis of water cut in summer. The situation was similar in the district. To a big relief, the meteorological department has announced the onset of monsoon in Maharashtra. But it is a past experience that rains take a break after raining heavily in early June. Given this whimsical nature, the available water reserves will have to be used sparingly.

Several parts of Mumbai received heavy rain on Wednesday, resulting in waterlogging in many areas. Pune also has been experiencing light but steady showers since the early hours of Wednesday. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) said the southwest monsoon has advanced into the entire Peninsular, East central and East and northeastern India and some parts of northwest India. However, the progress of monsoon over remaining parts of the country is likely to be slow due to the approaching mid-latitude westerlies winds.

Dam-wise reserve (%)

  • Gangapur - 39

  • Kashyapi - 17

  • Gautami Godavari - 12

  • Alandi - 09

  • Palkhed - 08

  • Karanjavan - 15

  • Waghad - 03

  • Ozarkhed - 26

  • Punegaon - 7

  • Tisgaon - 3

  • Darna - 28

  • Bhavli - 25

  • Mukne - 21

  • Valdevi - 66

  • Kadwa - 15

  • NM weir - 98

  • Bhojapur - 13

  • Chanakapur - 31

  • Haranbari - 37

  • Kelzhar - 14

  • Nagasakya - 00

  • Girna - 32

  • Punad - 14

  • Manikpunj - 00

  • Total - 26%

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