25,000 deliveries in district in one year

Government hospitals
25,000 deliveries in district in one year

NASHIK: For the past two and a half years, Covid-19 grappled the society and drastically altered everyone’s life. Citizens became extra careful while choosing hospitals for treatment and pregnant females took extra care to keep their children safe.

However, one of the positive aspects that emerged from this picture was residents safeguarding their trust in government hospitals of the district. Irrespective of the pandemic, many citizens and villagers opted for government hospitals for deliveries. In the past year, various government hospitals in the district accounted for a total of 25,000 successful deliveries. The results show residents’ faith in government hospitals, even during the Covid-19 period.

Boon for rural areas

The establishment of government hospitals in every taluka of the district proved beneficial for all, especially for the pregnant women of the rural areas. The state has begun upgrading its healthcare system to provide up to date facilities to its patients. The pandemic zoomed on the need for an efficient healthcare system in our country. Therefore, a competent healthcare system proved beneficial to all.

Due to the team of qualified doctors and up-to-date arrangements for delivery in 31 government hospitals in Nashik district, these hospitals have become a boon for rural patients. In the last one year, i.e. between April 2021 and March 2022, 25,337 babies were born in government hospitals in the district. These accounted for 19,397 normal deliveries and 5,940 cesareans.

Hospital wise deliveries

Nashik District Civil Hospital accounted for 7,586 deliveries in a year. Malegaon government hospital 3,361, Malegaon rural 2,898, Kalvan 1,125, Nandgaon 877, Peth 769, Manmad 728, Trimbak 707, Yeola 697, Dindori 634, Niphad 569, Harsul 551, Surgana 536, Chandwad 438. Satana 360, Barhe 359, Girnare 346, Nampur 319, Ghoti 317, Deola 199, Lasalgaon 192, Abhona 172, Dangsaundane 90, Igatpuri 71, Nagarsul 70, Dodi 69, Zodge 52, Umrane 40, Dabhadi 31 and Sinnar accounted for one delivery.

A ray of hope

Even though the pandemic affected everyone severely, the trust villagers hold in government hospitals remained uptight. As it isn’t possible for villagers in rural areas to visit the district areas every now and then, the government hospitals located in central areas of the taluka have become a ray of hope for villagers. This trust is a result of proper treatment, up-to-date system and a team of competent doctors serving the patients regularly.

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