250-year old banyan tree may get heritage tag

250-year old banyan tree may get heritage tag

Nashik: On the backdrop of proposed flyover from City Center Mall to Divya Adlab, trustees of ancient Mhasoba Maharaj temple in Untwadi have demanded heritage tag for an centuries old banyan tree in the vicinity which the trust fears that the tree may get harmed due to the flyover work.

Nashik Municipal Corporation has proposed to build a flyover from MICO Circle to Divya Adlab at a cost of Rs 120 crore. "While working on this bridge, one should not touch this ancient banyan tree near the Mhasoba Maharaj temple at City Center Mall. Similarly, this banyan tree should be declared as a heritage tree," demanded by the temple trustees in a statement to Chandrakant Bharmal, Divisional Forest Officer of the Social Forestry Department.

Meanwhile, at the request of the trustees, Forest Officer Bharmal has ordered to immediately inspect the banyan tree and prepare a report in this regard. There is a daily traffic jam between MICO Circle and Divya Adlab. As a solution to this, the municipality will provide a fund of Rs 120 crore for the construction of "Y type" flyover.

There is an ancient Mhasoba Maharaj temple on the banks of Nandini river near City Center Mall and to near this temple there is a banyan tree with a diameter of about 9 meters which is believed to be about 250 years old. The tree is expected to be cut down for flyover work.

The trustees of the Mhasoba Maharaj temple have met forest officer Bharmal and requested him to save the ancient banyan tree to conserve our rich heritage.

Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Botanical Gardens at Kolkata has given heritage status to over a hundred trees. On the same lines, the trustees of the temple have demanded to give heritage status to this ancient tree. A statement in this regard has also been given to Municipal Commissioner Kailas Jadhav.

President Madhukar Tidke, vice president dinkar Tidke, general secretary Sadashiv Naik, joint secretary Ramchandra Tidke, Vitthalrao Tidke, treasurer Ambadas Jagtap, Ramchandra Tidke, Vilas Jagtap, Bajirao Tidke and former corporator Anna Patil were present on the occasion. At the request of the trustees, Forest Officer Bharmal has ordered an immediate inspection of the banyan tree and a report in this regard.

No tree is just a tree, it is an organisation in itself. It provides shelter not only to the birds but also to humans. These trees also provide a large amount of oxygen to the area. So it's high time to save this huge tree.We will try to give heritage status to this banyan tree through social forestry.

- Chandrakant Bharmal, Divisional Forest Officer, Social Forestry Department

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