24x7 control rooms to be set up

Pre-monsoon preparations
24x7 control rooms to be set up

NASHIK: Monsoon has arrived in almost every district. Hence all agencies need to be vigilant to avoid loss of life and property due to heavy rainfall in the coming monsoon. Also, district and taluka level control rooms should be activated continuously.

Necessary repairs should be made immediately after reviewing the search and rescue materials required during the monsoon period, such instructions have been given by Divisional Commissioner Radhakrishna Game to the concerned agencies. A pre-monsoon review meeting was held at the Divisional Commissioner’s Office under Game’s chairmanship.

District Collectors of Nashik, Ahmednagar, Dhule, Jalgaon and Nandurbar districts, all Chief Executive Officers, concerned officers and Divisional Disaster Management coordinators were present.

In order to facilitate immediate control of calamities in unsafe places due to heavy rains, mock drills should be conducted by every District Collector and concerned agencies.

The Public Works Department in all the districts should inspect the buildings, roads, bridges etc. along with the concerned systems. Proper care should be taken to ensure that Incident Response System is operational in control room and EOC. Each district was also instructed to provide necessary training to the Civil Defense Forces and Home Guards.

Alarm system in line with Jalgaon

The District Collector’s Office, Jalgaon has developed an alarm system through the Irrigation Department for Disaster Management to inform the citizens about the number of cusecs of water discharged from the dam.

Similarly, other districts should also develop such a system. So that it will be possible to save the citizens from disaster, Game stated.

Proper coordination with all disaster management agencies. Necessary instructions should also be given to the concerned executive engineers and deputy engineers of Water Resources Department to be present full time during the monsoon season at large, medium and small projects in the district.

Disaster management plan should be updated by all districts in Nashik division. The contact numbers of various systems and heads of systems should be updated. Also taluka and village disaster management plans should be updated. 24X7 staff should be appointed in department level as well as district and taluka level control rooms. Appointed staff will receive training, important telephone numbers, list of lifeguards, swimmers, climbers, snake friends etc. The list should be made available in the control room, he further instructed. Indian Army, SDRE, NDRF, local search and rescue squads should inspect the flood affected talukas and villages.

In Nandurbar district, in villages which are cut off during monsoon, adequate stocks of medicines have been stored in the primary health centres and necessary action instructions have been given in other districts, Game informed.

Search and rescue equipment

A total of 1033 search and rescue equipment have been made available to Nashik division. In this, Nashik district has rubber boat 09 in quantity, fiber boat 01, life boys 20 and life jackets 400. Thus a total of 430 search and rescue equipment have been made available.

Also Ahmednagar district has rubber boat 05, fiber boat 02, life boys 70 and life jackets 200. Thus a total of 277 such equipment have been made available.

Dhule district has rubber boat 4, fiber boat 01, life boys 68 and life jackets 84 totalling 157 such equipment. Jalgaon district has rubber boat 02, fiber boat 03, life boys 20 and life jackets 100, totalling 125 equipment.

and Nandurbar district has rubber boat 02, fiber boat 02, life boys 20 and life jackets 20. Thus a total of 44 such search and rescue equipment have been kept ready.

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