200 packaging industries facing difficulties

Effect of rise in paper prices
200 packaging industries facing difficulties

NASHIK: Faced with the CoVID-19 epidemic, the rise in paper prices has put the district’s 200 corrugated box industries as well as the packaging industry in a difficult position. The industrial circle is saying the picture is that some of the wrong policies of the Central and State Governments have adversely affected the packaging industry.

In the last 20 days, coal scarcity, chemical price hike, increase in diesel prices, increase in transport cost, increase in electricity tariff and reduction in imports of raw materials have adversely affected the packaging industry. The corrugated box industries in the district as well as 200 large and small packaging industries are facing difficulties due to this. It is also exported in large quantities from India.

Nashik exports at least 15,000 tonnes per month. Basically, it is very important to reduce the price of paper by 25 percent. Also, the central government has had a big impact on GST from 12 percent to 18 percent. Packaging is a daily necessity. Today, no product is sold without good packaging.

As the cost of packaging increases, the common man has to pay more for every item. The burden of this has to be borne by the end user that is, common people. The government assisted the farmers by implementing compensation scheme or additional loan subsidy and interest waiver schemes every time. In the same manner help should be given to the entrepreneurs who are in trouble.

"The government is expected to take timely action on the rising cost of paper. If the government does not take timely steps, about 200 corrugated industries and large and small packaging printing industries in the district will be shut down"- Rajendra Chhajed, Director Mahavir Packaging, Satpur

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