15 birds dead, 12 injured

Dark side of humanity, illegal cutting of tree
15 birds dead, 12 injured

Nashik: In the most inhuman act in recent times, around 15 birds died after illegal cutting of tree in city. The incident left 12 birds injured and around 8 eggs of birds were broken. The incident took place near Nirmala Convent Highway, Gangapur Road. Three persons illegally cut down a Khaya tree or African Mohogany with axe, electric saw and ropes. The incident took life of 15 birds.

The khaya tree on the road side was a home to about 50 birds. After cutting the trees 12 birds got injured while 15 died on the spot and 8 eggs were broken. There were also small chicks in injured and deads. Without taking any permission the persons took down the tree. On top of that no citizen took initiative to stop act.

The volunteers of the Eco Echo Foundation reached the spot after a passerby informed about it. The volunteers took the injured birds for treatment and are under shelter of Eco Echo Foundation. The forest department has seized the equipments.

"The incident was cruel and inhuman. They just didn't cut the tree illegally but destroyed homes of birds. The injured birds are under treatment and around 15 birds died in the incident. Whenever there is need to cut any tree a forest officials should be informed first so that the tree will be inspected. If there are any wildlife or birds on tree they can be relocated."

- Vaibhav Bhogale, Wildlife Warden,

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