13 tourists rescued from Kulang fort

13 tourists rescued from Kulang fort

NASHIK: A total of 13 tourists from Baroda, Gujarat have been rescued by the Nashik District Disaster Management Team from Kulang Fort in Igatpuri. The tourist after visiting Bhavali Dam went from trek on Kulang Fort. Under guidance of Disaster Management Officer Arjun Kurhade, the rescue team of Chandori, including Sagar Gadhak, Kiran Wagh, Balu Ambekar, Vaibhav Jamdhade, Aakash Gaike, Fakira Dhuel, Vilas Gangurde, Vilas Gadakh, Sharad Vaidande, Keshav Jhurde and Ajay Chakoskar saved life of these trekking enthusiasts.

These 13 tourists started to climb the mountain to the fort late evening while it was getting dark. When they reached at the third base of the fort they realised that they have lost and exhausted. After stopping at a safe point, they decided to stay there in the night because of a dark. However, they began to fear because of the cold and dense forest. As they had the network, they contacted Nashik District Disaster Management at around 3 pm.

District Disaster Management Team reached Igatpuri tehsil early morning. With the help of Igatpuri Tehsildar Parmeshwar Kusale, they reached the base of the fort. With the help of the locals the team started search campaign. Ten people were searching in different directions. Hopefully, the tourists were in contact with the team. Finally, after 7 hours tireless efforts were successful in bringing them down.

“Our team got the call from one of the tourists at around 3 am in morning. Accordingly our team from Chandori left for Igatpuri. Around morning 6 the team reached Igatpuri from there within 30 minutes the team reached to the base village of Kurungwadi. After searching for three hours the tourists were found climbing down. The team with their efforts brought the tourists to base safely after another four hours.” -Arjun Kurhade, District Disaster Management Officer

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