13 dengue patients found this month

101 patients found between Jan-Aug
13 dengue patients found this month
13 dengue patients found this month


As many as 13 dengue patients have been found in Nashik city in first 14 days of August. As Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) could not undertaken measures to control dengue epidemic due to Covid-19, there has been outbreak of dengue. Now Nashikites have to face Corona as well as other epidemics.

After start of monsoon, NMC is undertake public awareness drive about dengue epidemic and to destroy mosquito breeding centres. However, it is busy in controlling the spread of Corona this time.

NMC public and health department has now given its attention to dengue epidemic. It has been urged that citizens should keep rear side of their refrigerator, flower pots and vessels to store water clean. They should destroy scrapped tyre and coconut shell to prevent accumulation of rain water into them.

Last year a total of 117 patients found positive for dengue at August end. There were only 12 dengue patients in the period starting January 1 to June 30, 2019.

Thereafter the number of patients had risen and a total of 117 patients had been found between July to August 31, 2019. This year a total of 101 patients have been found in the period between January 1 to August 14.

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