11800 buses in waiting for commuter-friendly VTPIS
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11800 buses in waiting for commuter-friendly VTPIS

Nikheel Pardeshi

NASHIK: Adopting the latest technology, Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) is going commuter-friendly with a series of facilities that will help and guide the passengers while travelling. In the state a total of 6117 buses have so far been equipped with new Vehicle Tracking and Passenger Information System (VTPIS).

While around 11800 MSRTC passenger buses are still in wait for a commuter-friendly Vehicle Tracking and Passenger Information System. The rising incidents of road accidents have again brought to the fore necessity of the new system for a safe journey of travellers.

A recent incident of a bus-rickshaw mishap at Meshi near Deola in which at least 25 passengers were killed, is an eye-opener for the state transport authority. In August 2019, it was decided by the MSRTC that the VTPIS system was to be installed in the next six months in close to 18000 state-run buses in a phased manner.

The installation work was however slowed down in the last month due to technical glitches in the VTPIS mechanism and passing on relevant information to the passengers in time. As part of this, VTPIS is to be brought into use which would keep commuters informed about various stages of their travel.

At each stop, commuters in the bus will be informed by an automated announcement about the next stop and the time to reach the next halt. The same information will also be flashed on LED screens in buses. Details generated through the tracking system is to be provided for those waiting for a bus at a stop.

All the respective bus stops in the state are to be equipped with screens that keep updating details on the movement of buses heading in the direction and providing arrival time of buses. VTPIS technology involves mounting the vehicle with a unit that will help monitor the vehicle movement in the head and zonal offices of MSRTC.

At the office, a digital screen will display the location of a vehicle, its speed and if the bus has skipped any stops. It will be a management tool for the authorities to provide hassle-free facilities to passengers.