100 tons of watermelon production in 70 days

Sweet taste of success
100 tons of watermelon production in 70 days

NASHIK: Khamkheda village area has mostly horticulture. Farmers here tend to cultivate maize, onion, cabbage and vegetables. Out of his love for farming, Vishal Sanjay Bachhav, a young farmer from the village, has been watermelon cultivating on four acres. In just 70 days, using modern technology, this young farmer has produced more than 100 tons of watermelon and earned Rs 10 lakh.

In addition to his ancestral farm field, Vishal has taken over four-acre farm from his cousin Kailas Bachhav. For the last three years, they have been cultivating watermelons and vegetables in it. In February this year, they cultivated watermelon on four acres of land by using mulching and seeds with the help of drip irrigation.

He planned water and spraying and produced a good crop. In the meantime, harvesting of watermelon crop has started recently and today, 100 tons of watermelon has been harvested in four acres area. He has sent the produce to Jammu and Kashmir through a trader from Satana.

Vishal has done a good crop planning with the guidance of his farmer friends and studying farming patterns in the area. All the work in the farm is done under the supervision of family members mother, father, brother and with the help of labourers where necessary.

By breaking away from traditional farming and adopting technology, Vishal has achieved 100 tons of watermelon production in 70 days. Due to good quality and sweetness of watermelon, the trader bought 100 tons of watermelon at the rate of Rs. 10 per kg in the first harvest.

Proper care was taken from the time of planting the good quality watermelon till it yielded. Therefore, a good yield was obtained. The 22-year-old’s perseverance and method of farming is being appreciated in and around Khamkheda.

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