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Sharan – the shelter: Taking care of stray dogs



NASHIK: While pedigree dogs always enjoy a high status and owners who adopt them and take care of them, there are strays dogs that are knowingly ignored and left to live on the streets. Some animal activists have urged Nashikites to adopt stray dogs. “Stray dogs breed and adapt better in Indian surroundings and can be good guard dogs”, says Sharanya Shetty, an animal activist who runs a shelter for animals – Sharan.

Sharan is a city based shelter, rescue and neutering center for all types of stray animals. These stray animals have become a part of the Sharan family which comprises of more than 60 volunteers who adaptor rescue stray and homeless animals.

Sharanya Shetty said, “This is my passion towards needy animals. Since thirteen years I run this shelter in Nashik and more volunteers join us day by day. We have built shelters for cattle, sick or injured stray dogs, cats, birds and also other animals. I feel that stray and injured animals too need to home live”.

Many people call Sharan and inform them about sick or injured animals. The team rescues about five animals in a days, free of cost. The center also has two veterinarians who take medical care of the animal and birds at the shelter.

Currently the shelter has 25 cattle, 123 dogs, 10 cats, rabbits and birds. It is equipped with two rescue vans. There are two teams; one who rescue injured or sick animals and the other involved in feeding, vaccination and nursing.

The team treats and nurses the injured or sick animals. Those who become fit are offered for adoption. The shelter also helps people in sterilizing dogs or vaccinating the puppies before they are offered for adoption.

Many a times dogs or puppies rescued from some area are released back after their treatment. But often they are not accepted in the same are as some other dogs make it their territory by that time.

Sharanya encourages people to adopt the stray dogs and also guides them on taking care of it. The shelter organizes camps for various vaccinations from time to time like anti rabies camp.

“There is a need to create awareness about rights of animals and regulations on taking care of them. We go to schools and talk to children about this”, says Sharanya. School visits and internship programmes are encouraged at Sharan and awareness is also spread through their facebook page and digital media.


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