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Polluting Godavari: 104 people fined penalty


NASHIK: Nashik Municipal Corporation has charged a penalty of Rs 26,660 from 104 people in two years for polluting Godavari river, informed an official. NMC has taken strict action against people violating the rules and throwing garbage into the river.

Clean Godavari is one of the main agendas of the city and the NMC. Large efforts are being made even by NGOs to propagate the message of keeping the Godavari clean. NMC too has taken the initiative of maintaining the cleanliness, hygiene and sanctity of the river which is considered to be holy. The authorities have been appealing to the people to maintain the cleanliness of the river and not causing pollution to it.

In spite of repeated campaigns and appeals, it was found that people hardly paid any heed. Finally, NMC decided to take strong action against those people who are polluting the river in different ways like throwing garbage into the river of washing vehicles or clothes or utensils.

NMC charged a penalty of Rs 17480 from April 1, 2018, to March 31, 2019, and Rs 9180 charged from April 1, 2019, till date. In 2018-19, 69 cases have been registered and 35 cases were registered in 2019. NMC has appointed 30 security guards from Holkar bridge to Talkuteshwar temple to maintain the cleanliness of Godavari.

Many people put the nirmalya, clothes and other things in the river. Due to this, the pollution of the river has increased. NMC has also put up instruction boards at places urging people to maintain the sanctity of the river and not to throw waste into it. Security nets have also been put up at places, particularly over the walls of the bridges so that people cannot throw things into the river.

However, citizens have found out ways and means to ignore such measures and continue polluting the river. NMC has since resorted to strict action and has penalized people for polluting the river, informed officials.

Year                       Cases   Penalty
April 18-March 19     69        17480
April19-till date          35         9180


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