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Political Sops: Will they works ?



NASHIK: Congress president Rahul Gandhi announced a monthly income guarantee scheme (NYAY) assuring Rs. 72,000 a year for 20 per cent of India’s poorest people on Monday. Addressing a press conference after a meeting of the Congress Working Committee, Rahul said the money will be directly transferred to bank accounts and this scheme would benefit 25 crore people.

The basic income line considered is Rs 12,000, which means that if the monthly income is lower than Rs 12,000 an additional amount will be paid to bring it to Rs 12,000. For example, if a family makes Rs 6,000 a month, their income will be topped with another Rs 6000.

Deshdoot Times talks to some Nashikites about this proposed scheme by Congress.
How will they do it? Will you give them cash it uses the accounts that PM had helped them open. They couldn’t have even thought of this initiative if there were no account holders. Appreciate what PM has done and learn.
-Vivek Behere, Student

People don’t want to eat in inherited money or government’s money. All they want is to facilitate them to earn and take care of themselves with dignity rather than offering money in pity for electoral gains. Is this not cash for the vote? Why didn’t your government do this before 5 years when you were ruling for 60+ years?
-Riya Shukla, CA

The Congress party proposes a scheme where they have promised to pay Rs 72,000 annually but they have not disclosed the source from where this fund is likely to come. When the prime minister had mentioned about bringing back the black money in the country he said that people could get Rs 15 lakh however as the black money was not brought we did not see anything happening further. Politicians are good at announcements than working out practically.
-Swanand Kulkarni, student

If people below the poverty line are taken care, it is a good initiative by Congress. When corrupt politicians and bureaucrats can swindle a lot of money what is the harm if poor people are helped with some money to make their basic living.
-Vijay Suryavanshi, student

If Congress party aims at eradication of poverty then it will be more appropriate to generate employment opportunities and supporting the people rather than giving money directly.
-Rahul Patil, Teacher


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