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No mention of Sarkarwada on government website


Prashant Nikale

NASHIK: The heritages in Nashik are struggling for identity in a heritage city like Nashik. The newly erected and restored Regional Museum of Nashik, Sarkarawada, has no place in both the important websites of government. The website Nashik corporation.in and nashik.gov.in, though the museum has been mentioned in Smart City’s convergence project.

The curator of the museum has written a letter collectorate as well as to corporation but no answer has been given by both the agencies. The latter dated on May 22, 2019, has been sent by the Regional Museum Office, for requesting to mention Sarkarwada in their website.

The letter states, “The footfall of visitors on Goda Ghat is very high. Tourist from every corner of state and country visit te place. The structure is 250 years old and represents the heritage and culture of the city. In order to highlight the place for tourist, it should be displayed on the website, nashik.gov.in and nashikcorporation.in”

The letter has further stated that the move will help to increase the footfall of the tourists in museum. It helps to spread word about the culture and heritage of the city as various artifacts related to history of the place are there for display.

“We have requested both government agencies about mentioning the Sarkarawada in their websites. We written letter to the Nashik District Collector as well as the Nashik Municipal Commissioner. The website nashik.gov.in and nashikcorporation.in, respectively are very important for us”, said Regional Museum Curator Jaya Wahane.

She added, “Whenever one searches for Nashik these two most important websites pop-up and the person gets information about Nashik. In such condition, there should be some mention or photograph of the Sarakarwada. The corporation has taken the Sarkarawada in their Smart City project but has neglected it in their website.”

The sources from Smart City project informed that the project has been mentioned in convergence project on website nashiksmartcity.in, but has not been taken in official website of the corporation. The negligence of government agencies towards the government developed project may result in killing of such projects the agencies should work together for revenue generation of government.


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