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NASHIK: With the Lok Sabha elections in the air, many parties announced their manifestos. Desdhoot Times speaks to some youngsters on what they expect from the incoming government.

First and foremost, I expect that the incoming government should emphasise on clean, transparent and efficient administration. It should provide an environment where I can lead my life with security and dignity. I expect my government should maintain law and order and ensure a peaceful and strife free social order for all citizens.

– Prajakta Nagpure, student

The incoming government should address the issue of unemployment with priority. It should make retirement age 55 to provide employment to more youngsters. It should also take steps for environment conservation, education, agriculture development. Create opportunities for youth on international platforms. The new government should make new and innovative plans for achieving sustainable development and growth.

– Abhijeet Dighavkar, socialist

As we know the previous government did an outstanding job under Prime Minister Modi in various fields and also in bringing our nation’s economy to a different level. In my view, the incoming government should focus on national and international issues and development. It should also work for the betterment of Indian farmers.

– Kulbhushan Bagal, student

Corruption is one of the major issues in manifestoes announced by political parties, however, they do nothing to get rid of it. It is a time that the pending court cases against government employees and our representatives should be addressed on a fast-track basis. Unemployment is also another major issue. The incoming government should create more job opportunities in government as well as in the private sector.

– Rohan Patil, student

The new government focus should be on employment, education and clean governance. Jobs and development seem to be the top of the mind issues for the youth this election.

-Nitin Pagare, Student


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