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Mysterious tunnel found in Chandori while digging


NASHIK: A mysterious tunnel has been found in Chandori of Niphad tehsil. The tunnel was found when digging work was going on near the Khandoba Mandir of the village. The archaeology department has decided to visit the place.

The finding of tunnel has created buzz and curiosity around the district. Everyone was trying to give their opinion about the tunnel. Meanwhile, Assistant Director Of Archaeology, Nashik Circle, Vilas Wahane said, “We received a call from a villager from Chandori. The finding is very interesting. Currently I am in Pune for official work and will definitely visit the place as soon I come back.”

The digging for development work of temple was going on in Narayan Maharaj Ground, Chandori when the tunnel appeared. The tunnel has a entrance made up of bricks and stones with use of limestone.

The village has also a mythical story of tunnel which go towards the Shriram Temple near the river. The villagers are saying that this may be tunnel which is said in stories.


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