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VIDEO: Godavari is suffocating – Rajendra Singh


NASHIK: The Godavari river in Nashik is in a critical situation today. There is a need to provide serious attention to revive it again. The rising pollution of Godavari and drought situation in Nashik is a cause for worry. If attention is not provided to this in time, the situation will be more critical in future, opined waterman of India Rajendra Singh. He stated this on the sidelines of his visit to Symbiosis institute here on Tuesday. “Our team in Nashik is working for the revival of Godavari river especially at Trimbakeshwar for the last 5-6 years. It prepared trenches there to save water and did works to stop water for increasing the green cover. The results of these works will be seen this monsoon. There will be no more flooding”, Rajendra Singh informed.

“The concretisation in the Godavari basin at Trimbakeshwar should be removed. The place of origin of any river is very important. The concretisation around recharge points of Godavari river should be removed. I am seeing the situation of Godavari for last some years. I request the district administration here to remove the concretisation earlier and free the flow of Godavari river. If administration fails to do this, its consequences will be more dangerous”, he warned.
When students will be aware of the dangers of global warming, air and water pollution, they will deal with them successfully using their skills and knowledge, Rajendra Singh hopes.


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