Fuel prices boil, citizens’ budget at turmoil


Gaurav Pardeshi
Nashik: Fuel prices have yet again witnessed a hike on Saturday, with petrol and diesel breaching earlier figures to touch new record highs. In Nashik, petrol is being sold 35 paise higher at Rs 89.43 per litre, while the price of diesel has been hiked by 24 paise to Rs 77.27 per litre. Nashik continues to be the worst affected by rising fuel prices, with petrol retailing at a staggering Rs 89.43 per litre and diesel at Rs 77.27 per litre. The union government has been facing flak in the past few weeks for not implementing stringent measures to curb prices.

Earlier this week, the Congress Party and 21 other regional and national parties observed a ‘Bharat Bandh’ on account of the consistent rise in fuel prices and urged the government to take necessary steps to reduce citizens’ woes. However, the Centre has maintained that external factors, including a rise in international crude oil prices, are influencing domestic fuel prices. Meanwhile, distressed Nashikites shared their rage over the surging fuel hike with Deshdoot Times.

People don’t agree to pay an extra charge for the trip. Consequently, we are unable to increase the fares. It directly affects our daily income. Until last year our daily income used to be approximately Rs 1200 to Rs 1500. Whereas, this year owing to continues petrol hike our daily income has dropped to a mere Rs 800 to Rs 1000. The government should take the serious measures to curb fuel hike.
-Mohan Kasabe, autorickshaw driver.

Petrol price hike is not the only issue. In fact, the fuel price hike results in rising of prices of other commodities too. The surge in fuel price hike has directly affected our daily budgets. Everyone should come together and raise their voice against the government.
-Rakesh Marathe, Civil Engineer.

The petrol and diesel prices had hiked during the Congress regime too. But today instead of resolving the issue the political parties are busy politicising the issue. This should not happen because this issue is purely related to the common man.
-Pramod Kshirsagar, Bookseller

Basically, petrol has become a commodity of daily use. We cannot avoid it. The middle class is the worst hit due to the hike in fuel prices. The hike in fuel prices results in dearth while our salary remains stable as it is. I feel the way fuel prices increase every day our salaries should also increase in the same manner. The government should think about it.
-Rahul Patil, Labourer, Satpur

The taxation system is the reason behind the fuel price hike. State government and the union government should control their taxes on petrol and diesel, if so happens the prices will automatically curtail.         -Samrat Beledra, Businessman


A few months ago state assembly elections were held in Karnataka. Sighting the elections, the union government had curtailed the petrol and diesel prices across the country to attract voters. Now in the next year, there will be an election. We hope that the government would once again decrease the fuel prices ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha polls.
-Udaykumar Gaikwad, RERA Consultant

Income sources are decreasing with each passing day. Especially, the farmers are the worst hit. The farmers do not have a daily income source. Besides, they need fuel to run their farming equipment like tractors, harvesters, sprayers and others. Apart from that they also need fuel for running their vehicles; through they transport their farm produce to the cities and towns. But because of the petrol hike, they are caught in a fix.                            This is a very dangerous situation for the farmers nowadays
                         – Sachin Phad, Farmer

Those who came here to the job purpose, they hardly daily earn Rs 200 to 300 per day. Around 30 percent of their income is spent on travelling for official purpose. On the other side, all political leaders and government employees use government vehicles and don’t have to pay for fuel from their pockets. Actually, the ministers, political leaders and government employees already earn enough income to fulfil their                                      travelling expenses. They do not need extra concision for travelling.                                 Thus their all concessions should be stopped immediately.
                         – Sabik Deshmukh, Student

Basically, I am from Vidharbha and I am here for the educational purpose. I travel around 30 to 40 km daily. My father is a farmer, he is unable to pay my travelling expenses. As a result, mostly I have to go walking to my tuition classes and college. The government should take an immediate decision about the petrol hike.                                          – Shashank Kurkure, Student

 I am a supplier of beauty products. As a result, I travel about 50 to 60 km daily. My income depends on the sale of my products. Sometimes I am unable to sell a single product. But the travelling cost is the same. I am facing a very big problem with the petrol hike. Everyone should raise their voice against this petrol hike.
-Jyoti Kashyap, Businesswomen