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Deshdoot Times DT City News Featured देशदूत संवाद कट्टा

Deshdoot Samvad Katta : Pets and humans develop a bond; take good care, say experts



The pet animals are an indivisible part of life for many of us. The animals have joined human being as a companion and the human should respect their space. There are many questions while selecting a pet. The person should be aware of his place and space available for the animal, behaviours and needs of the pet and the monetary terms to pet an animal.

Having pets at home has become a trend nowadays. Especially dogs, cats, birds, fish are commonly selected as pets. the topic ‘Pets: Taking their care’, was discussed in a special segment ‘Deshdoot Samwad Katta’, on Saturday. Veterinary medical officer Dr Sachin Vende, animal activist Ramesh Ayyar and bird lover Aditya Chaure participated in the panel discussion conducted by Executive Editor of Deshdoot Times Dr Vaishali Balajiwale.

Starting from pet animals, the experts said that the person should know about what kind of pet dog he can handle depending on his financial condition, space available, daily routine timing and time he can give to the animal. The person should know about animal behaviours and their health issues.

While treating pets, a puppy should be dewormed, seven in one vaccination and booster dose, as the puppy has three to four months of vaccination period. The dogs go through teetering problems in budding age, the lack of calcium and growing teeth cause this issue.

For cats the experts said that there is a myth that the cat is a self-centred animal. It is the behaviour pattern of cats. They will come to you if they need anything or need warmth. The animal is very clean, easy learners. They have very good grasping power. The people who want a pet with less care is taken should go for cats suggested experts.

The animals are not like humans and they should not be humanized as they have their own behavioural and food pattern. Like humans need the balanced diet the animals to need animal foods, supplements as well as our regular food as per their need. The issue of animals should not be neglected. Instead of being an expert yourself, they should be taken to real experts and veterinary doctor if any health issue arises, opined experts.

The human-animal difference should be considered while treating pets. They should be treated equally important. The person should respect and give them their own space.


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