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Deshdoot Times Featured देशदूत संवाद कट्टा

Deshdoot Samvad Katta : Nothing to fear Carona virus but care advised



People are currently fearful of the Coronavirus and its spread. The social media messages are spreading more rapidly about the infection than the disease itself. Social media messages are creating panic in people with many times misinformation spreading. Deshdoot Samwad Katta discussed the reality of COVID 19 virus in ts Saturday special segment.

The panel of experts discussed that there is no need to panic and be fearful. As of now, there are no detected cases of this virus in the city but of course the administration in all prepared and keeping a close watch to provide necessary medical care if need be.

The Deshdoot Samwad Katta discussion was conducted by the executive editor of Deshdoot Dr Vaishali Balajiwale. The panel of experts included Dr Prashant Shete from Nashik Municipal Corporation health department, Vaidya Vibhav Yeolekar, Dr Manisha Shinde, a homoeopath, Dr Satish Shimpi a pathologist and Dr Sanjay Dabhadkar, general practitioner.

The experts said that there is no reason to fear Coronavirus. As this virus has come from outside country people arriving in the city from abroad are being observed, categorized, inspected and their data is being kept at government levels. In case any symptoms are found their tests are conducted and till then they are being observed for 14 days with all care. All those who have been tested in Nashik are negative cases.

As per the recent data 21 persons who have come to Nashik from travel abroad have been identified and checked. So far there is no proven case. Nashikities need not panic about the disease.

For prevention, one should work on building immunity. Every morning a little exercise is necessary for everyone. Positive thinking can help build better energy. One should treat oneself as healthy mentally and the body will also respond positively. Proper diet, avoiding unseasonal foods can help. Proper hygiene like washing hands, using handkerchief is to be followed.


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