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Deshdoot Times DT City News Featured देशदूत संवाद कट्टा

Deshdoot Samvad Katta : Learn more about technology before using: Cyber experts



The cybercrime is increasing day by day as the technology is advancing. Before getting into in new technology or system one should get knowledge about it. People neglect it totally and due to their negligence, they fall prey to cybercrimes. The Unified Payment Interface (UPI) has the highest number of cybercrimes. One should understand that the UPI asks for password only when you’re giving or paying money or getting debited. No information should be shared with anyone to stay safe, echoed experts in Deshdoot Samwad Katta.

The Deshdoot in its weekly Saturday segment of ‘Deshdoot Samwad Katta’ discussed the increasing number of cybercrimes. The discussion was joined by a panel of cyber experts who are working in this field. The panel included Nashik Police Cyber Cell Deepak Desale, Cyber Experts Tanmay Dikshit and Adv Ruchita Gokhale.

The One Time Passwords (OTPs) are of different types. The long number which comes along with the OTP can be enough to get into your mobile or computer. No numbers should be shared to anyone regarding any transactions. We should not allow permission to unknown apps, if you find that the permission which the applications is unnecessary for the particular app, uninstall that application immediately. Don’t share your personal information on social media platforms. Personal photos, videos should be kept with at most security. People get fooled by their own mistakes, they believe in magic more than logic.

In cyber crimes, love, sex and lure are the most common cases. The Wifi cards or cards with Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is a newly introduced technology. To keep the RFID cards safe wallets or jackets which have RFID protective fabric layer can be used. Simple aluminium foil to cover the RFID cards can prevent their hacking. We should learn the right thing to do. Seeking the only convenience with using RFID taps, online wallets each time can be dangerous. People should understand that no one can give you anything except your mom dad. You should doubt every person if he is offering you anything free. People should have common sense that without purchasing any lottery tickets they win the lottery how it is even possible.

We should check the parcels on the origin websites. No information should be leaked and shared to anyone. The hackers use third party identity to cheat people and they do not reveal their identity. One should take advice from the person who is knowledgeable in it or an expert. People share their experiences as victim and most of time people do not lodge complain due to fear. Cyber crime can be avoided with necessary precautions.

Password should be very random. It should contain numbers, capital letters, small letters, and symbols and should be a unique combination of all of them. The passwords should be updated on weekly basis. Simple and strong password can save your day. It can be a poem, phrase or a word you recognize or anything which is personnel to you. The kids should be kept out from the mobile phones till they attended the proper age of understanding. They should be under watch while using mobile, parental control applications are also useful for that. The public information like nicknames, birthdates, and mobile numbers cannot be passwords as they are available in public forum, echoed the panellists while alerting the people.


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