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Deshdoot Times DT City News Featured देशदूत संवाद कट्टा

Deshdoot Samvad Katta: Diwali is sharing of joy



Diwali is not just a festival of light but of love, affection and emotion too. There are some sections in the society who are still away from the joy of Diwali celebration. These people are struggling to even get the basic food to fill up their empty stomach. Diwali should be a festival spreading light in life of the others, who are deprived, neglected and are thrown out by the society, expressed dignitaries in Deshdoot Samwad Katta.

The representatives from various NGO’s joined Deshdoot in a discussion on the topic of ‘Social cause in celebrating Diwali’. The representatives shared their experiences while doing social work on a grassroots level. Sunil Dev from Sanay Foundation, Amol Kulkarni of Manovedh, Rajesh Kothawade from Lion’s Club, Social Networking Forum’s Pramod Gaikwad and Salim Batada of Rotary Club participated in the discussion.

Sanay Foundation last year brought the people from tribal areas of Nashik in city and showed them the city along with an opportunity to earn for dignity. The Foundation taught them to make diyas and they sold 5,000 on last Diwali last.

This money was given back to them to use to run their economy in the village. The skills of people are developed to make them self reliable. Social Networking Forum celebrates ‘educational Diwali’. The forum found out that the root cause of discrimination, backwardness, issue of the economy, skills and earning are due to lack of education. So the Forum focuses on the issues of education in a tribal area of Nashik. They provide educational material in tribal areas and make them educationally stable.

Rotary runs a unique initiative of First Lamp of Smile. They light the first lamp of Diwali in Matoshree Vridhashram and spend time with the elderly there. The organization thinks that the orphans, elderly in old age home need love, affection and time more than anything. With their visits, the volunteers spend time with them and communicate with them and gave them shoulder to open up their minds.

The Lion’s club conducts various activities to provide sustainable development in every field to the tribal communities in Nashik. They help the students to get higher education and currently 157 tribal students are getting higher education free of cost through the foundation’s works. They also celebrate Diwali with the elderly every year.
Manovedh Foundation connects with the people who are deprived. They celebrated Diwali with the children from the Gangaghat and gave them hygiene kits. Importantly they emphasised with these children without being judgemental and have decided to mentor the kids.


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