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Deshdoot Awareness on Civic Sense : Stop wastage of food: Think, Eat, Save


Abhishek Vibhandik

Nashik: In India and across the world, hundreds of people die of hunger every day. Likewise, millions of children are facing malnutrition. Food is far from those who are in need of food. Even in India, the number of hungry victims is increasing by millions.

At wedding ceremonies, parties, various programs, a large amount of food is wasted.  This food wastage can be stopped if we create awareness against wastage of food. Deshdoot Times talks to some hotel owners, caterers and people to know their views on how to prevent wastage of food and how the excessive, wasted food can effectively be reutilised and reached to malnourished children to overcome, at least to some extent, the dreaded menace of rising malnutrition among them.

It is necessary to raise awareness about food so as not to waste it. If there are some NGOs working for the poor, then awareness should be raised through them and the food can be given to poor people so that food will not be wasted. Deva Bodke,
                                                                                                                                                             – Hotel Owner
Most important is that an event should have a limited menu on its card. Keeping a limited menu also saves time and food from wasting. Because of having many food items, people take more food and leftover food has to be thrown.
                                                                                                                             – Sandeep Pangare, Hotel Owner

Food is that one thing for which every living thing strive, struggle and fight for in order to survive, food should be worshipped. Wasting of food is bringing down the morals of not one as individual but a country as a whole. So, before you threw something just recall all the process from it has come to you in a way and people who suffer, strive and die from hunger. Your one bite can be someone’s happiness.
                                                                                                                                   – Kavita Dusane, Home Maker

Food wastage has become a hot topic now a days, but no one is taking right action towards it. Not only in the big wedding ceremonies but also the wedding events in small village, food is wasted in large proportion. To stop such things, the event manager should take some preventive steps while serving the food in order to stop its wastage. If you have leftover food, please assure that it is to be given to right hands who need it. Save food Save lives.
                                                                                                                                     – Parth Ketkar, Photographer


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