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Deshdoot Awareness on Civic Sense: DUST BINS OR DUSTBINS?


Bhagyashri Umadi

Nashik: To abide by the amenities set up for the citizens keeping in mind the bizarre pollution scenario of Nashik city has gone in vain proficiently by the people of the city.

With an aim to give a new meaning to the concept of cleanliness and make the roads litter-free, dustbins were the first-ever components set up for the people to help keep the city clean, but that has not had an effect as evidently as expected.

We still see people choosing to throw litter on the road and not use the dustbins set up nearby making them look like bins accumulated of dust on it rather. In spite of people being aware of the various adversities, people of the city still look forward to not follow the system.

“Garbage being thrown on the road is definitely not acceptable as it contains plastic, rubber, glass, and oil etc, commodities which are a part of non-degradable waste. The problem is there is lack of awareness of these toxic materials and their hazardous effect on our environment, surroundings and animals.” says the founder of the e-waste recycling enterprise, Parikshit Deshmukh.

The most civilized way of being in order could be the willingness to make an extra effort to look for the nearby bin and dump the litter in it. Many blame the people and the government both. There are not enough dustbins around used to be the most cribbed excuse brought up but in the recent times, the scenario has been profusely changed.

“Ideally, there should be a dustbin every 200 meters and more importantly, these should be kept at places that are visible to people and there should be a signboard on the road indicating that there is a dustbin in the vicinity,” says Sheetal Junagade, EVS student.

What really lacks is the courteousness amongst the people to consider and adhere to the use of dustbins and not the roads as their dustbins. Shamelessly throwing around the garbage has not even ever been merely considered into the guilt game or strict punishment exists for this inevitable act.

Keeping the roads of the city clean should be the foremost duty of the people living in it. The social and environmental influence of littering behavior has a lot to do with the values and the attitude people inherit.

Taught right from a young age, we have all had our environmental studies done right where in the first thing taught was to use the dustbin. The socially understood reality of this has been, ‘everyone does it’ and only this kind of attitude encourages people to continue doing so.

All these are the behavioural interventions that are the real roots to issues of this kind. Hopefully, with enough people doing the right thing to do, the injunctive norm of I must take the ownership of my city’s cleanliness will take over the ‘everyone does it’ attitude helping the dustbins getting used and not end up being dusted themselves.


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