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Deshdoot Awareness on Civic Sence: The city is not a spittoon


Bhagyashri Umadi

Nashik: The most unpleasant sight we come across in our day to day life is that of people with ‘spit’ personalities. The people spitting gutkha and pan masala out near the signals, walls, staircases, and every possible public place is a devastating scenario today.

The beauty of Nashik city has been defaced with the red tint of gutkha and pan masala which can be noticed splashed all over the city, hampering the glimmer of the holy city. The day is not far where we will be able to witness the city being painted red due to the act of spitting, making public places look red and ugly.

From footpaths to buses, the red stains are seen everywhere. The overcrowded bus stand and railway station are the prime example of this but hard to believe, hospitals and temples are a victim of the same too.

So far, the attempt to curb spitting at public places is limited to the enactment of laws against it. However, due to the poor implementation of these rules, we have hardly made any progress except in highly monitored environments. The practice of spitting in public places has socio-cultural.

Not only the illiterate, uneducated and poor but even the rich, resourceful and educated people spit in public places. When a person spits out of a luxury car, a Rs 200 fine means nothing to him. He can easily pay the penalty.

But, when asked to clean the same space, it can serve as the real penalty which will make him think twice before spitting again anywhere else. If the government is really serious about the issue, the existing laws should be implemented.

Alignment of values and ownership is an important component that is missing in the present public. One would surely not do this at home. It is pretty awful that a city trying to be a smart city falls apart trying to stop people from spitting.

Nashik being a holy city, the temples here hold the most valued possession. But it is very disheartening to observe people spit in and around temples too. Temple walls and entrances also bring to our notice the stains of gutkha and pan masalas.

The scenarios even at the hospitals are similar. That one place where extreme hygiene conditions should be maintained has fallen victim to this unethical habit. This is incredibly denting our city’s image.


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