Demolition of scrap market: NMC to recover cost from concerned


Nashik : Nashik Municipal Corporation will recover the more than Rs. 82 lakh it incurred in demolishing the illegal scrap market on Ambad-Satpur link Road. It will recover it in the form of fine from the 763 concerned businessmen. After recovering cost per square metre from concerned businessmen, approval will be given to develop the land.

Following the Supreme and High Court order, illegal scrap market on Ambad-Satpur link Road was removed from January 7 to 10, 2017. The NMC demolished 523 illegal constructions – metal sheds and 239 additional sheds amounting to total 763 illegal constructions under police security.

After a judicial battle for many days and order by the courts, the NMC had demolished illegal constructions. Manpower and machinery on large scale were used for this drive. Municipal Commissioner Abhishek Krishna and Police Commissioner Dr. Ravinder Kumar Singal had completed the work in four days after dividing it into sections and handing over responsibility of concerned officials.

Over Rs. 82 lakh was spent for the entire drive. Rs. 12.35 lakh was spent over NMC officials and personnel. 19 police inspectors, 58 PSIs, 440 police havildars – naiks, 64 police constables and 34 personnel of striking force were deployed for the drive and Rs. 23.67 lakh were spent for this.

In addition, NMC construction department had used 12 poklanes, 30 JCBs, 48 dumpers and 26 tractors for this drive and Rs. 15.44 lakh was spent for this. Rs. 31.43 lakh was spent for breakfast, lunch to employees, legal advise, documentation, photography, video shooting and survey. Overall the NMC had to spend above Rs. 82 lakh. The NMC had removed encroachments on 1.96 lakh square metre area. It had to spend Rs. 43 per square metre.

It was earlier made it clear that the cost will be recovered from encroachers. Thereafter, some businessmen sent a proposal to NMC town planning department to develop the lands they own. The NMC has now started preparations to recover the cost. Town planning department has been instructed to recover fine per square metre from concerned after receiving the proposal regarding development of lands on Ambad-Satpur link Road and permission for land development will be given then.