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Govt to undertake COVID-19 documentation to fight epidemic diseases in future

Gaurav Pardeshi

Gaurav Pardeshi


The state government has decided to undertake documentation of events since the first case of corona virus was detected in March. The government has appointed Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) for this purpose. It is expected to study major decisions by the state government to tackle COVID-19 and prepare a document for measures to be taken by the state government.

The MSRDC officials are expected to meet most collectors, chief executive officers, civil surgeons across the state, take note of steps taken for tackling corona virus and then come up with a white paper.

Fighting an epidemic like the COVID-19 has caused many difficulties as no uniform information was so far available on how to control the communicable diseases that have occurred so far. However, the government has taken some important decisions so that such a problem does not arise again in the future.

Accordingly, a COVID-19 document will be prepared on how innovative initiatives have been taken along with various measures to prevent the outbreak of this highly infectious disease, which may turn out to be an important set of documents which will guide the government in future to tackle epidemic diseases effectively and in well-planned manner.

The responsibility of this documentation has been delegated to the MSRDC under which a special team of officers and employees will be formed.

All expenses incurred while submitting the documentation will be borne by the managing director, Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation. After compiling the information, the report will be submitted to the office of the chief secretary.

"Also, while collecting this information, the concerned officers, administrative departments and field offices should cooperate with the group and make relevant information available, a release issued by the district information office said.