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COVID 19 : confirmed cases reach 873

पाथर्डी तालुक्यातील 25 व्यक्तींसह 33 जणांचे अहवाल निगेटिव्ह, Latest News Pathardi Corona Report Negative


The number of confirmed cases of COVID 19 reached 873 in the country on Saturday, the government said. Total deaths due to the virus so far were 19, the Health Ministry said, while a total of 78 cases have been cured and discharged with one person who has migrated.

A number of active cases in the country at present amount to 775, the health ministry confirmed. The maximum number of cases so far have been reported in Maharashtra is 183 till Saturday morning with Kerala being the next state with maximum confirmed cases at 173, coming close to Maharashtra.

With the governments preparing themselves for the stage 3 situation of the disease which is yet to arrive, medical infrastructure across the nation is being stepped up and authorities are by every passing day more effectively monitoring and carrying the lock-down of 21 days as announced



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