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Corona Virus : Dist health administration on alert



To take preventive measures on the backdrop of the outbreak of the Corona Virus or ‘Covid-19’, Nashik district’s health administration has come into action. On Sunday, a meeting of all the health department head was held at Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) to discuss an action plan. A quick action team has been formed by the health administration for any emergency. A follow up was taken about the medicines and other facilities which are available currently.

The meeting was conducted in presence of district civil surgeon Dr Suresh Jagdale, Dr Trimbake, Dr Dawal Salve, medical superintendent Dr Nitin Rawate, Dr Prashant Shete, Dr Ajita Salunke and other medical officer were present. On the occasion, an advisory has been issued for Nashikites and a booklet by the government has also been issues in this regard.

The health department has appealed to Nashikites to inform if a foreigner or any person has returned from abroad in their neighbourhood. The health department officials will perform a primary check-up of the person at their home itself, as it is necessary to observe the person for at least 14 days.

The health department has sought cooperation from Nashikites and has requested people to avoid going in a crowded place, to cancel unnecessary gathering of people in large numbers. Persons with cough, cold and viral fever should wear the mask and avoid public contact.


The symptoms of the Covid are similar to influenza, which are mostly related to the respiratory system. Symptoms like cold, cough, fever, acute respiratory infection, breathing problem, pneumonia are common symptoms of the Covid. A person with such symptoms should immediately see a practising physician.

Do not fall for or spread rumours

The health department has requested not to fall for the rumours or spread any rumours. The social media is currently spread fake information regarding the Covid-19, its spread, cures, virus and about many other things. The health department has said that there is no need to panic for Nashikites and as no case has been found yet. The health department is taking all necessary precautions to prevent the disease from entering Nashik city. The people spreading misinformation will be prosecuted legally said health administration.

Helplines regarding Corona Virus

Toll-Free Number: 104
District Civil Hospital : 0253-2572038, 2576106
District Epidemic Cell : 9823505085, 788335085
Dr Zhakir Hussain Hospital: 0253-2590049
Nashik Municipal Corporation: 0253-2317292, 2222532


Clean your hands frequently with soap & water. Any kind of germs on hand will get killed
Use napkin, handkerchief, tissue to cover your mouth while sneezing and coughing
Avoid close contact with a person having cold, cough or any symptoms. There should be at least 1-meter distance with the person coughing or sneezing.
Avoid touching your face, nose and mouth frequently
Any person in the family, friend or relative or even neighbour not feeling well or having such symptoms should be taken to the hospital immediately and should be screened.


Being a litterbug. Spitting in public places and throwing garbage
Going in public if having a cold, cough or fever. Coming in contact with a healthy person.
Eating uncooked food, fish, eggs and meat
Close and direct contacts with animals
Visiting butcher houses, open meat shops


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