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Compensation for crop damage estimated at Rs 1500 crore


NASHIK: With the completion of the assessment of crop loss by the government in the district, it has been estimated that Rs 1500 crore will be required to compensate the farmers against the crop damage. The retreating rains have damaged crops on a total of 410923 hectares of field in the district.

As per primary estimates, Rs 377 crore are required to provide per hectare assistance to farmers. The National Disaster Response Fund (NDRF) guidelines however propose three-fold assistance to the affected farmers. For the purpose an estimated Rs 1131 crore compensation will be required.

If criteria of a damage of crop below 33% is considered, the estimated compensation amount might extend upto Rs 1500 crore. The retreating rains have wreaked havoc in the district damaging vineyards, maize, soyabean, bajra, jwar, onion and other horticultural crops. “Barring taluka of Peth, 14 other talukas have been badly hit damaging crop on 300862 hectares of farm field,” as per primary estimates by district administration.

After completion of panchakarma, the crop loss assessed has increased by 110070 hectares reaching at 410923 hectares. According to the NDRF parameters set for crop loss below 33% damage, the govt pays Rs 6800/per hectare for dry land, Rs 13500 for the irrigated crop, Rs 18000 for perennial horticulture crop with a maximum of two hectares of field.


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