Children’s Day celebrated with great pomp in Rasbihari Int’l School


Nashik : Children’s day , birth day of Chacha Nehru is celebrated all over the country in different forms . Rasbihari International celebrated it by playing a fun filled Cricket Match between Staff and Students . Staff was given enough chances to win the match as the students were quite magnanimous.

Opening of the match was done by MrsManjusha and MrsMinakshi More, followed by MrsShilpaAhire, Mr Sandeep, MrSomnath and Mr Bhavik excelling in the game by scoring 6s in every hit and then when the turn of students came, they did wonderfully well and defeated the teachers team.

The teachers also expressed their love for the students by doing a mesh up of old and contemporary songs and the students joined them in singing and it was great time of rejoicing that they experienced. The students expressed themselves by saying “ Teachers, You Rock and have made our day .”