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Changing Trend : Serial viewing has changed


Abhishek Vibhandik

Nashik: Entertainment has many a medium and channels through which it reaches the audience. While movies were on set time schedules and evolved in content and technique, they have remained all time favourite.

Then of course we was the ear of television, particularly Doordarshan, which was a government owned television and displayed content suitable for all age groups but was under certain controls.

Then we saw the mushrooming of the private companies who brought entertainment to our door step with many options of serials, stories and various forms. This almost changed the evenings of house holds.

The addiction for TV grew in all age groups with TV available 24/7. Till this time in the recent past, the viewership was defined by content age wise and children had their own cartoon content.

The present day media entertainment has changed with the advent of digital media available on the phones. Video viewing platforms have increased and with that many channels on the digital media.

No wonder then web series and web movies soon became a craze. The attraction point was the story teller could tell his story with out any bars or controls and the viewer could watch it with out any censorship or age limits.

What one views on the phone screen and where can hardly have any controls. The webseries thus have started getting popular. While that is one way to express creativity without controls it also meant that age appropriate programmes are no more a concept.

These days with web series getting popular, youth and even children are watching freely; violence, aggression and sexual content included. Deshdoot Times speaks to some youth on this new trend in entertainment. Some excerpts of what they say –

“ The web series are getting more popular and viral. We even have Indian web series now which are mostly influenced by western culture with more of intimate scenes. If we consider freedom of expression for creativity, the web series are good but children viewing age inappropriate content may be a concern. The major concern is that the content should not corrupt our Indian values.
                                                                   – Jumana Barnagarwala, media viewer

“ Web series is good entertainment but has its own pros and cons. The plus point is that there are new subjects and it can be watched at your time and place convenience. The topics may talk of relationships and coming out of the narrow minds of society but the drawback is that it may have some violent or sexual content which may be unsuiatbel for some age groups.
                                                                                     – Aditya Mali, media watcher


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