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Cafeterias : The new hot spots



NASHIK : The city is witnessing a growing love for tea and coffee amongst youngsters. This has led to a mushrooming number of tea and coffee outlets throughout the city. Coffee and gossips is the latest trend emerging lately. We can see a number of youngsters loitering around the coffee shops.
In order to get an insight about the various things that youngsters keep doing in a cafeteria, Deshdoot Times interviewed a few youngters and they revealed the happenings within a cafeteria.
Hritika Lokhande, a youngster from college stated, “Our lives completely revolve around cafeterias. Me and my friends cannot imagine a day without hanging out. We decide a cafeteria to hang out purely on the basis of it’s menu. If the menu doesn’t have a lot of varieties, we don’t even consider that place. When we enter the cafeteria, we order coffee and food and till the time it arrives, we select a ‘BAKRA’ from our gang and continue his leg pulling until the food arrives. It’s so much fun.”
“I hate coffee and my love for tea is undying but sadly, there is not a single air conditioned tea shop present in the whole city. To sit in air conditioned coffee shops, we order the cheapest food item possible and consume it in the longest period of time possible. We are often asked to leave from several places because sometimes, we end up spending hours and order nothing,” Vanshika Dalwani, a youngster stated.
Harshita Mahajan, a teenager mentioned, “Cafeteria is ‘me time’. I prefer staying alone and reading a novel while sipping coffee. Very rarely I visit coffee shops along with my friends. There is a different kind of vibe in these shops. I feel happy and delighted whenever I step into these shops.”
Sophia Frances, another 21 year old, from Devlali stated, “I only prefer drinking coffee in a specific place. During summer vacations, my college was closed and I had to travel all the way to Nasikroad in order to drink my brand of coffee. God bless those souls who thought of opening an outlet in Devlali too. I like studying in these cafes as I can concentrate well. Whenever I visit with my friends, we talk about who is dating whom and what will happen if their parents come to know. ”


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