Booth meeting of BJP held


Nashik Road: A booth meeting was held at Dnyansankul in prabhag 20 due to birth centenary year of Pandit Din Dayal Upadhyay. National executive Saudansingh, regional general secretary Dr. Ramdas Ambatkar, divisional executive Kishore Kalkar, MLA Balasaheb Sanap, regional vice president Vasant Gite and regional secretary Laxman Savji provided their guidance in the meeting.

Saudansingh informed that he is taking information across the country under work expansion scheme. Corporator Sambhaji Moruskar in his introductory speech informed that 10224 primary members are in the prabhag and 345 are booth members.

Government schemes are reaching to the people through the committee, he added. Jyoti Warade, Neha Joshi, Kanta Warade and other activists were present for the meeting.