Blog : Finding One’s Inner Light

Blog : Finding One’s Inner Light

- Sr. Floropia Borges, Principal,

Kilbil St. Joseph’s High School, Nashik

The year 2020 will be remembered by many of us as the year of unpredictability as COVID-19 has significantly changed our lives in many ways. We stare at a long list of issues, which we are slowly getting accustomed to in this life with COVID Era.

In our present times when we utter the word ‘Corona’ it pops the emotions of fear, anxiety and panic. The pandemic has become pandemic. And corona is the most often used word in our vocabulary. Our internal dialogue is all about the word corona and our external dialogue is also about the virus corona. Be it in the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, radio - the news, our friends and our family.

Science proves that each word has a frequency, each word has energy. It sends impulses to the brain and we produce corresponding chemicals and that’s how the alchemy of our body changes, and we start to feel happy, sad, disturbed or panicked.

Now can we imagine what we are doing to our bodies daily these days? Can we change the energy and the frequency of the word Corona around us?

The actual meaning of the word Corona is ‘crown’. The virus has crown-like spikes on it hence it is called the corona. But did you know that the outer layer of the sun is also called corona-the stellar corona.

It has a beautiful golden ring which we can never see because the sun is so bright that we are blinded by its light. But when the sun goes through the Solar Eclipse - a stage of complete darkness. We can see its beautiful Stellar corona in its golden light.

So think about it we humans are going through exactly the same experience. We are going through the complete darkness and if we allow ourselves, we can see our true light.

Let me make it more applicable through this short poem;

Never have I seen such a mess in life

The air is pure but wearing a mask is mandatory

The roads are empty but it is impossible to go on a long drive

People have clean hands but there is a ban on shaking hands

Friends have time to sit together but they cannot get together

Every Monday our hearts long to go out but weekends does not seem to end

Those who have money have no way to spend it

And those who don’t have money have no way to earn it

Let our COVID test be negative but our life be positive.

So true, we have been so blinded by our lifestyles, our penthouses, our cars, the fast-paced life and our bank accounts. We have been blinded by celebrating the wrong heroes, the wrong heroines. Have we truly stopped and celebrated the ones who truly matter? - Our farmers, our healthcare providers, our doctors, our nurses, our police, our teachers, our elders and our seniors.

So the virus is here to make us to go through the dark times but also to see what truly matters. And what truly matters today is kindness, love, generosity, oneness, and simplicity. Today what we really want is each other. To tell each other that I’m here for you and it’s all going to be fine.

To celebrate the simple things in life, and to make a difference in someone’s life you don’t have to be brilliant, rich, beautiful or perfect. You just have to care. So the next time you think of the word Corona, think of your true light, your wisdom which gives direction to your life.

And life is all about oneness, kindness and love!

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