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Birth rate of girls drops in district



The ratio of females to males has been lowered in many talukas of Nashik district. In Igatpuri, Deola, Surgana and Nashik talukas, girls have lower birth rates than boys. District Collector in-charge Bhuvaneshwari S keeping a close watch in these talukas with the formation of special teams of doctors.

In the district four years ago, the birth rate of girls per 1000 boys was as low as 913 only. But in four years it has reached at 958. However, this birth rate was not satisfactory but the Collector in-charge, Bhuvneshwari S called a meeting at the district collectorate. The meeting was attended by the district civil surgeon Dr Suresh Jagdale, district medical officer Dr Vijay Dekate and medical officer of the Municipal Corporation.

In the beginning, the gender ratio of the district was reviewed. According to the district civil surgeon Suresh Jagdale, the number of girls per thousand boys in the rural area is only 958 and in Surgana taluka it is only 906. Apart from this in Deola, it is 930, in Igatpuri it is 937 and in Nashik district, it is 948.

Although this ratio is good in other talukas, the taluka medical authorities were asked why this ratio is lower in the four talukas. Bhuvneshwari S has ordered to catch those doctors who conducting illegal sonography.


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