‘Bad bumps’ on Lam Road irk residents


Deolali Camp: The residents of Deolali have warned of removing all the ill-designed speed breakers which are causing physical harm to commuters and vehicles on Lam Road and urged civic administration to pay heed to this problem on urgent basis.

There are as many as 23 speed breakers at close distances on public roads between Lam Road and Bhagur constructed without proper authorisation from the concerned department. The residents allege that all the speed breakers in different areas on Lam Road do not conform to the engineering standards, regulation or are unauthorised.

The number of accident cases are on the rise due to disappearance of white stripes, marked on the speed breakers for the safety of the commuters, the residents argue, adding that the frequency of mishaps is considerably high in areas of Dastagir Baba Chowk, Naka No. 6 and Deolali Camp college.

“The civic authorities should immediately remove unwanted speed breakers for the safety of the commuters. “Else, the people will themselves dislodge such speed breakers on public roads,” warned the residents.