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Awareness on Ganpati Utsav: Youth addiction to social media, online games


Nashik Road | Neha Gaikwad 

Every year on the occasion of Ganpati, Madhuri Deshpande, Government Officer plans unique themes and decorate accordingly, through which she can spread message in the society.

From last 21 years, she has celebrated Ganpati Utsav with different themes through which, a useful message can spread in the society. This year the theme is youth addiction to social media and online games.

The whole theme and decoration is eco-friendly and the statues which are colourful dressed up with makeup are handmade.

It is observed that youth is addicted to social media and online games like PUBG and they are not aware to the outdoor games. The theme was planned to aware children about outdoor games and its uses for our physical health and fitness.

Outdoor desi games like langdi, marbles, flying kite, and lingorcha etc. are very important for our fitness. While playing these games helps us to boost our immunity power and stamina, which is essential for our physical health and fitness.

Addiction to social media and online games will cause harmful side effects on our health like mentally imbalance, neglecting of studies and outdoor games, less sleep, bad academic score and loss of appetite.

Now a days due to the availability of different machines in households work like grinder, washing machine, roti maker etc reduces movements of our body, she says. But early all the household work was done by hands, less facilities were available and due to this our physical activity health were fit.

The motive of this theme is to aware children and women about the importance of their physical fitness and health through playing various outdoor games and preforming physical activities.


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