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Assembly Elections : What trend will the Nashik voter show ?


Nashik: The voters in Nashik are most unpredictable it is seen. Nashikites are believed to be very different voters than commonly seen in the state. They easily pick someone, take him on heights instantly and at the same pace dump them down.

Nashikites in past trends have revealed their pattern of voting, that no pattern is there pattern.  In the latest Loksabha election, Nashikites broke their own record. It was believed historically that they never repeats its Member of Parliament (MP) in any circumstances.

In the years 2014 elections, the Shiv Sena candidate Hemant Godse got elected as an MP. In 2019 Loksabha Elections he wrote his name history as the people elected him for his second term consecutively. But, will it happen in State Assembly Election 2019, remains to be seen.

The elections campaign of all the parties is more of mud slinging between the political leaders than highlighting the core issues of public. The parties have again come up with selling dreams to the voter. The Bharatiya Janata Party and Sena are selling food thalies at very low rates to the voters.

While on the other hand, the opposition of the Nationalist Congress Party and Congress is busy in the blame game with the party in power. What role does Maharashtra Navanirman Sena (MNS) play in on the turf that had once given it abolute power in the corporations will also be interesting to note.

In the West Nasik constituency, there are around 19 candidates in the fight. The fight is between only four candidates primarily. In East Nashik, there is a straight fight between NCP and BJP candidates. While in Madhya Nashik there is a triangular fight between the BJP-MNS- Congress candidate.

Nashikites have a habit of running behind trends. If there is a trend of bicycle whole Nashik becomes cyclists. If the Nashik starts running there will be a rain of marathons in Nashik. This same trend has been observed in politics also. Nashikites which was predominantly a Sena voter turned to MNS in Nashik corporation election and congress- NCP in assembly elections.

While after that in Modi wave the city gave all three MLA seats to BJP as well as power in Nashik corporation. Now in this election, it will be really interesting to see which trend will Nashikites follow.


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