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Assembly Elections 2019 – Expectations: Development essential for economic stability


Nashik : The slowdown in the economy is a harsh reality of today. We have not got out of the phase of recession yet. Nashik is not different from other cities, but in actual is more hit by the slowdown. The industries in Nashik are dependable on industrial sector which are current victim of slowdown.

Nashik has automobile and electrical sector industries and other small scale industries which are depended on them. Because of that Nashik industries are most hit by slowdown, expressed experts in financial sector at Deshdoot’s special segment of State Assembly Elections 2019, ‘Vidhansabha Ransangram’.

The experts in finance sectors said that the working class in Nashik is disinvesting. The people are afraid of their money. They are searching for safe options to keep their money. The banks in public sectors are closing day by day or are running in losses.

The individual who are willing to take risk are investing in shares, while others are disinvesting their money. The experts in the finance field also said that the politicians should work together to upgrade the industries in Nashik. The investment in Nashik can only be attracted if the basic facilities are given by the government properly.

The transportation is a major issue Nashik is facing, expressed finance consultatnt Mukesh Chothani, Pramod Puranik, Beena Majgaonkar and Ajay Kale, in the discussion on expectations of investors from political leaders.
The politicians in the district or the elected representatives should work together for Nashik.

The politicians should work for giving basic facilities for industries to attract investment. The investors will look for better connectivity of road, rail and air. The air cargo facility should be provided properly and continuously.  The incentives schemes should be introduced by the government for Nashik’s industrial area. For that the politicians should fight together. The investors are there to invest their money but it is on the political leaders what they will give the investors in return.

After Mumbai and Pune, Nashik is the only destination which has immense potential of becoming a industrial hub. There is no land left in Mumbai and Pune for industries, but in Nashik there is plenty. The only job is to create a friendly atmosphere for the investors.

The facilities like good internet, transportation, public transport facility, cellular network and such other amenities are much needed for investors. The experts said that if the political leaders successfully delivered the schemes and implement investment attracting policies, Nashik is the place which will develop itself as industrial hub after Mumbai and Pune.


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