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Artistic congregation on Goda banks concludes


Nashik: Demonstrating their artistic talents by utilizing the waste, the young men of Nashik city amazed Nashikites by displaying their quality art at the bank of holy river Godavari. Plastic pollution has proved to be very dangerous to the ocean creatures, animals and for humans as well.

The artifacts warned about the hazards of use of plastic and requested people to stop the use of it are the need of the hour. The occasion is from ‘Mistura Art Fest – 19’. Shaurya Foundation had organized the Mistura Arts Festival at Godapark this year with a mixture of different arts.

The two-day art festival was inaugurated on Saturday. The inaugural ceremony was attended by Nashik Municipal Commissioner Radhakrishna Game, Smart City Company CEO Prakash Thavil, corporator Himgauri Adke, Deputy Commissioner of Police Amol Tambe and officials of Shaurya Foundation.

Students from various colleges in the city participated in the festival with the concept of ‘Digital Transformation and Illusion’. The multi-colored entrance to the festival is appealing to the citizens. The artwork was made with plastic bottles. The message was, ‘Stop using plastics’.

Journey of Goda
In an attempt to focus on the issue of pollution in the river Godavari, a display was made from waste showing the hyacinths grown in the river and the river has turned green due to it. River Godavari which originates from the Bramhagiri of Trimbakeshwar is dying because of the pollution is the message delivered from the display.

Horror House
An Arts Collge students’ ‘Bhootiya Group’ erected a horror house in the fest with the theme of ‘Best out of Waste’. ‘Enter on your own risk’ was cautioned on the entrance of the horror house. With dead bodies in a way, spider webs, scary dolls, the selfie coffin became the highlight of this horror house. Youngsters were most attracted to the horror house and appreciated the work done by the students.

Laser show
The Laser show at Mistura Art Fest became attraction for Nashikites. It consisted different animal figures and other monuments and places which are identity of the Nashik. Nashikites really enjoyed the Laser show. The lasers were put on the other side of the fest on dense tree vegetation on river bank.


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