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Apurva Jakhadi guides students on satellites


Nashik: To observe the launch anniversary of India’s first artificial satellite Aryabhata on 19th April, 1975, a lecture was delivered by space educator Apurva Jakhadi, who has earlier worked with ISRO’s Satellite Application Centre – ISAC, Bangalore.

This event was organised by RSS-Janakalyan Samiti at Bhonsala Military School, for 10th standard SSC students from Ashram schools of Peth and Harsul village. She guided the students on various types of satellites, it’s launching and applications.

On this occasion, Jakhadi explained the role of India in satellite technology and mentioned that ISRO has gone a long way from launch of its first generation satellites – Aryabhatta and Bhaskara to Astrosat and Cartosat series of high-end payloads and satellites.

She explained how our technology and capability has evolved since 1975. She also said, “ISRO is in forefront and that, we are not only launching our own satellites but also successfully and economically doing this for other countries like USA, Germany France, Denmark, Switzerland, Singapore, UAE, The Netherlands, etc.

This is indeed creditable, as we are contributing towards global vision, growth and for betterment of humanity.” She emphasized today’s need to identify the problems of farmers and use satellite technology to its fullest; how they can be used in studying and forecasting weather conditions like untimely rainfall, hailstones, thunderstorms and by alerting them with early warning signals, so as to protect their crops.

Also in analysing soil conditions through scientific methods and helping our farmers in increasing their crop yields.  She added, “When space science and satellite technology reaches common man, particularly to our farmers and percolates to the grass-roots, only then we can say that our country has made substantial progress.

And, I’m positive that we shall soon fulfill the dreams of Dr.Vikram Sarabhai, the architect of Indian Space technology and ISRO.” Around 40 students attended this lecture and enjoyed the informative PowerPoint presentations and videos on various topics like Satellites, Orbiters, Landers, Rovers, Spacecraft, Rocket technology, Launch vehicles, etc.


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