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Apple on a hike with Rs 135 Kg


Nashik: The price of vegetables has increased due to the shortage of vegetable stock. Along with fruit price is also on hike. The demand for vegetables and fruits is rising but the supply of vegetables is comparatively less. As a result, there is a rise in prices. Around 10% rise has been witnessed in the price of vegetables. Today APMC registered Rs 135 Kg of appeal and the amount of coriander is also increasing.

Severe rainfall in the city has affected the farms. Hence, the production of vegetables has reduced to a great extent. Farmers are unable to fulfill the demand of customers. In leafy vegetables, coriander accounted for the highest price and in the fruits, apple registered the highest price.

Coriander, fenugreek, spinach, mint, reddish, cauliflower, cabbage, red chili, capsicum, onion have registered a rise in their prices. Narayangaon, Khed, and Manchar generally produce cucumber and distribute but this time, their supply has reduced. Therefore, the price of cucumber has gone skyrocketed. The price of the coriander is 96- 220 Rs. bunch and china coriander price is 310 Rs bunch.

The price of an apple is 80-135 Kg. The price of a calabash is 10 -25 Rs each. Tomato registered 10- 35 Rs Kg. The price of Brinjal is 17-35 Rs Kg. cabbage price is 11-26 and the flower price is 8-19 Rs. the price of onion is 5-14 Rs Kg. Tomato registered 10-35 Rs per Kg. the price of fenugreek is 16-55 Rs bunch, informed S. V. Jadhav, an employee of APMC.

The production of fruits has been also decreased along with vegetables. Hence the demand for fruits and vegetables has increased. But the price is rising due to lack of supply.

Vegetables/fruits price per Kg
Pomegranate                           5-30
Mrudula pomegranate           5-70
Apple                                  80-135
Coconut                               24-30
Bitter ground                      33-44
Luffa                                   40-75


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