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Agriculture pumps to get solar energy


Nashik: Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd. (MSEDCL) has operationalized the biggest solar energy generation plant in the state recently at Lasalgaon in the district to supply electricity for agriculture pumps of farmers during the day.

MSEDCL has also targeted to generate more solar energy than 6-7 megawatt through 6 projects which near completion. This will help in stopping present load-shedding in the rural area.

Of them, total electricity being distributed by MSEDCL in the state, around 30% electricity is used for agriculture pumps. This electricity is being made available to farmers at a concessionary rate.

At present electricity is being supplied to the agriculture pumps for eight hours during the day and for 10 hours during the night in a rotation method. Considering demand by farmers to supply electricity during day and objective to supply electricity at a reasonable rate and as per requirement, the state government has undertaken Mukhya Mantri Saur Krishi Vahini Yojana.

The solar projects are being set up jointly by Maharashtra State Power Generation Company Ltd and Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission Company Ltd in association with public and private cooperation at those places where a number of agriculture pumps are more. Besides this, projects are also being set up at sub-centres of MSEDCL and other places.

Six sub-centers operationalized
The solar energy project having a capacity of 1.3 megawatt which is has been set up on around 20,000 square metres of land near Lasalgaon sub-centre is the biggest project in the state.

A project having capacity of 0.73 megawatt has been started on 15,000 square metres of land at Wavi, while another project having the capacity of 0.99 megawatt has been started on 11,000 square metres of land at Wani.

Besides this, a work to set up a project having the capacity of 0.79 megawatt on 12,000 square metres of land in Girnare sub-centre area is in the final stage. The work of solar projects having the capacity of 0.88 megawatt and 0.67 megawatt respectively at Ashwi Khurd in Sangamner division, Ahmednagar and Kolpewadi are also in the final stage.

After these projects will get operationalised. After operationalising these projects, 5.36-megawatt energy will come into use. At present, electricity load of agriculture pumps is around 15.65 megawatt.


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