NASHIK: The admission process for Modern Pharmacology certificate course for Academic Year 2018-19 for registered homoeopathic practitioners in Maharashtra has begun.
“The homoeopathic practitioners, who are registered with Maharashtra Council of Homoeopathy, are only eligible for the course. It is mandatory for candidates to submit their applications online, said Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS) Vice Chancellor Dileep Mhaisekar on Thursday.

The admission process for academic year 2018-19 would be followed as per the decision given by Maharashtra Council of Homoeopathy. Only registered homoeopathic practitioners across the state would be eligible to apply for the certificate course, stated MUHS registrar Dr Kalidas Chavan.

For this certificate course, candidates will have to mandatorily chose college preferences, at least one and maximum of 24. Service seniority registered with Maharashtra Council of Homoeopathy would be the basis of merit for admission to the course.

The course aims to enable the homoeopathic practitioners to prevent or treat common ailments in the state of Maharashtra with homoeopathic medicine with the prescription of allopathic medicine; and refer the patients which are beyond their competency to other competent registered medical practitioners.