Addl workload claims life of woman employee


Nashik Road: The employees working at Bytco hospital here expressed their anger after death of a grade four woman employee. They alleged that this woman died due to additional workload. Work in hospital had come to a standstill for some time on Monday afternoon.

Kusum Shashikant Divekar, resident of Narayan Bapu Nagar Chowk, Jail Road, Nashik Road was working in Bytco hospital since last 15 years. While returning home on Monday after attending a night shift, this woman suffering health problems. Her relatives immediately admitted Kusum in Bytco hospital after she went home.

Her health deteriorated suddenly and she passed away in the afternoon. After getting this news, employees of the hospital gathered there in large numbers. Though deceased Kusum was employee of the hospital, not a single senior medical official came there to check her. As there is shortage of employees in the hospital, employees have additional workload. They have to work under constant stress. Officials are neglecting demands of the employees. Deceased Kusum Divekar died due to work stress, alleged the employees.

Following this incident, Karmachari Sena’s Adv. Shivaji Sahane paid visit to Bytco hospital and listened problems of the employees. As Kusum Divekar had worked for consecutive two days, there was adverse effect on her health and she died, alleged Sahane. If sufficient employees are not provided in the hospital within a month, it will be locked, he warned. Medical officer Dr. Phulkar was also present.