Addl construction: 273 hospitals in the city to get relief


Nashik: The irregular construction by hospitals in Nashik Municipal Corporation area and breaching fire brigade department rules will be regularised by charging 10% hardship premium of current ready reckoner rate, informed Municipal Commissioner Abhishek Krishna. 273 hospitals in NMC area will be benefitted by this decision.

There are 566 registered hospitals under NMC. Out of these only 183 hospitals renewed their registrations, but 383 hospitals have not renewed their registrations yet. Some hospitals are falling in residential area, whereas some are falling in commercial area and some are falling in mixed area.

The NMC had conducted inspection of these hospitals some days back. Additional constructions were found in most hospitals, whereas fire fighting system in some hospitals were not installed as per guidelines.

A meeting was organised at NMC in presence of IMA office bearers to discuss difficulties during renewal of registrations and measures for this. Municipal Commissioner Abhishek Krishna, IMA president Mangesh Thete, Dr. Bhavesh Palod, Dr. Kiran Shinde, Dr. Sandip Kotwal, Dr. Bharadia, NMC’s Dr. Dekate, Dr. Bharati Chirmade and fire brigade officer Anil Mahajan were present.

Take certificate from fire brigade department while registration and renewal of registration as per government order on December 17, 2011. 1.5 metre staircase was necessary in 10-bed hospitals and maternity homes. This rule has been laxed and staircase width has been reduced to 1.2 metre. If hospital is in housing society, no objection certificate from the society will be necessary.

If hospital is in commercial complex and has lift facility, a hospital can be set up upto the third floor. If hospital is in both commercial and residential building, permission will be upto second floor. If there is no adequate parking facility, NMC will give permission for 5-bed hospital only. If there is additional construction, 10% hardship premium will be charged.

These and many more important points were discussed in the meeting. 273 hospitals in the city will be benefitted by this. However, no concession has been given to super speciality hospitals.