Addiction among women is worrying: Mohite


Nashik: Addiction is a disease. Addicted man is suffering by this disease. Understand him to keep him away from this. Currently, the percentage of addiction among women and girls is rising. The number of women from medical field is highest among them. This is a thing of worry, stated Prafulla Mohite.

Former Minister Shankarrao Kolhe presented Dr. Vasant Pawar award, instituted by Nilvasant medical foundation to Mohite. She was speaking while replying to her honour. Former Minister Vanadhipati Vinayakdada Patil presided over the programme which was held at Raosaheb Thorat hall on Gangapur Road. Senior litterateur Dr. Anil Avchat, MVP general secretary Nilima Pawar, Balasaheb Wagh, Vasant Khairnar and Dr. Prachi Pawar were present on dais.

Prafulla Mohite informed about her self experiences regarding effects of addictions on personal and social life. She said that like men the percentage of addiction is rising among the women. Women from the age group 13 to 75 are among them. In effect, waiting lists are being seen at de-addiction centres like Nishigandha.

There is a need to face it with courage. Various projects should be conducted in schools and colleges to keep youths away from addictions. Efforts should be taken to get person out of the addiction without blaming anyone, she informed further.

Senior litterateur Anil Avchat introduced awardee Prafulla Mohite. Nilima Pawar read the citation, while Dr. Prachi Pawar welcomed the people. Dr. Avinash Andhale made the introductory speech, whereas Ramesh Mantri compered the programme.