DESHDOOT Group of Newapaper – A Profile

Welcome to the Wine and Onion Capital of the Nation! Nashik Nashik also happens to be the place where the country’s currency is printed and the world’s most sophisticated fighter aircraft, the Sukhoi MKII, is built… at HAL! With the second largest Artillery installation in Asia and a throbbing industrial sector, the city is rapidly assuming great strategic and economic importance. Add the salubrious climate, the still reasonable real estate prices and the proximity to the financial capital of the nation and Nashik becomes almost an irresistible destination in all respects! And we have chronicled the transformation of this historic, holy and sleepy town into a vibrant, happening mini-Metro over the last 45 years…every single day! So it is with great pleasure and a certain degree of pride that we introduce to you the Deshdoot Group of Newspapers, the 2nd largest group in North Maharashtra. It is also rated the fastest growing Marathi daily in the region, with a phenomenal rural presence.

Cash Rich Readership :

The North Maharashtra region comprises the high potential and cash rich districts of Nashik, Jalgaon, Dhule, Nandurbar and Ahmednagar. The region is known for its cash crops like Grapes, Onion, Sugarcane, Cotton and Chilli. Daily Deshdoot is published from Nashik, Jalgaon, Dhule, Nandurbar…..and now Ahmednagar too. Daily Sarwamat, which is a sister publication, is published from Shrirampur in district Ahmednagar. Deshdoot Times is an English Daily published from Nashik for the city.

What makes us irresistible to media planners is the fact that more than 50% of our 16.40 lakh plus readers are in the age group of 22-40, having significant disposable income. Also, the current trend of corporate India falling over each other to woo the rural masses, whose demographic profile and lifestyle have undergone a sea change in the last decade or so, falls in nicely with the position of strength that Deshdoot enjoys in the region. Our reach in the rural market is second to none.

As we are well aware, Agriculture is back in the limelight and in a very big way. And not just in Maharashtra, but the entire nation at large. With the government also realizing the global potential of this sector, newspapers like Deshdoot have a very significant role to play in nation building in the days to come. And I dare say, we are perfectly placed to discharge this responsibility with aplomb.

Deshdoot on Mobile! :

In 2010, Daily Deshdoot became the first ever Marathi daily to be available on mobile phone! Suddenly, daughters and sons of the soil living in far flung corners of the world, were able to read about the latest happenings in Nashik on the move! This initiative catapulted Deshdoot into a league of its own… instantly!

New hope for a new direction! (नवी आशा नवी दिशा)

With the efforts of Shri Deokisanji Sarda, Deshdoot was founded in 1966, initially as a weekly newspaper. It has since then been known as the publications that provides a platform to the people of this region to voice their opinions, needs, grievances and aspirations to the government. It has become the people’s voice.

Realizing that agriculture is the backbone of our economy, Deshdoot has provided ample support to all farmers’ movements in North Maharashtra. Due to this, the paper soon came to be known as the friend of farmers.

Now, Deshdoot is an established daily in North Maharashtra and is rated as the fastest growing Marathi Daily with a phenomenal presence in the five cash rich districts of Nashik, Jalgaon, Dhule, Nandurbar and Ahmednagar.

In 1970, the weekly was converted to a daily its flagship edition in Nashik. Since then, it has grown steadily across North Maharashtra with Sarvamat, Deshdoot’s sister publication being launched in Ahmednagar in 1976. Soon the other editions followed suit. We have the English Daily Deshdoot that is now called Deshdoot Times since 1991 from Nashik; the Dhule edition in 1996; the Jalgaon edition in 1997; the Nandurbar edition in 1998 and the Ahmednagar edition of Deshdoot in 1999.

True to its mission of enriching lives by informing, voicing, entertaining & educating the common man. Over the years, Deshdoot has become a trusted name amongst households across North Maharashtra.

‘Sarvamat’ arrives :

As the popularity of Deshdoot soared, it soon became apparent to Deokisanji that the flagship Nashik edition would be hard pressed to meet the aspirations of readers in the far flung areas of the region. And thus was born ‘Sarvamat’, a sister edition, published from Shrirampur in Ahmednagar district, which became an instant hit there. This was barely six years after Deshdoot was launched. Meanwhile, Deshdoot was also looking after its readers in the other districts of the region like Dhule, Jalgaon and Nandurbar from its headquarters in Nashik. A third independent printing unit was set up in Jalgaon to cater to the three districts. Needless to say, this move has been a success too. When the winds of change began to blow across India in the early nineties, when ‘globalisation’ was still an unfamiliar word to most, Deokisanji knew precisely what he had to do – add a newspaper to the bouquet that would be understood by a global citizen.

An English Daily :

Enter Daily Deshdoot! An English language daily! It is now called Deshdoot Times and is the only English daily in North Maharashtra that decision makers read. With the demography of Nashik changing rapidly and more and more people turning to English to move forward in life, Deshdoot Times has certainly assumed far greater importance now than perhaps even the visionary founder had envisaged. It would not be wrong to say that Deshdoot Times has now become the corporate face of the Deshdoot Group.


Long before the phrase Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) became common in these parts, the Deshdoot Group had become synonymous with it. Deshdoot celebrates its Foundation Day in an entirely unique way. We honour outstanding achievers from social, cultural, ducational, environmental, industrial, agricultural and other fields who have contributed to the development of the region in that particular year. Dnyanpeeth awardee Padmabhushan Kusumagraj showed us this path of celebration. He would address these achievers as Gunpati’s. Since the last three decades and more, Deshdoot has been following the tradition of publicly honouring these Gunpati’s. And doing the honours have been a galaxy of prominent personalities from literature, trade, industry, drama, journalism and other areas, who have graced our Foundation Day functions with their esteemed presence as Chief Guest, year after year. These include Rajdeep Sardesai, now heading CNN-IBN; Kishor Chaukar, MD, Tata Industries; renowned litterateur D M Mirasdar; social crusader Anna Hajare, BMC demolition man G R Khairnar and many others.

Collector’s Issue :

Besides, we publish a very special supplement on a single central theme to mark this occasion each year. This has almost invariably turned out to be a Collectors Item every time. Over the years we have covered such diverse subjects as Investment, Health, Co-operatives, the Automotive sector, Agriculture, Education and Industry. And each of these suppliments has been a hit!

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